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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Yenice Industrial Zone

As a result of the initiatives initiated by the Yenice Industry and Business Association in 2012, it received the title of Reclamation OIZ in 2015. Yenice Reclamation OIZ, which has achieved a significant success by completing the 5-year reclamation process in 2 years, has been taken the status of Organized Industrial Zone since date 08.08.2017. The efforts to unite the Cerrah Industrial Zone, which was launched in 2018, with Yenice OIZ, are continuing rapidly. Yenice OIZ, which is the 3rd Organized Industrial Zone of Inegöl, one of the major production centers of Turkey, has an occupancy rate of 35 percent over 1200 acres and employs 2500 people with 31 active companies.

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