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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Oylat Thermal Springs

The Oylat Hot Spring

There are 3 sources of hot spring. There are 2 hotels, 4 motels and 2 indoor swimming pools. These waters help with sedative diseases as well as diseases that Inegol spa waters are effective on, also help with wight loss.. 

Location: 27km to the south of Inegol, in the southwest of Bursa.

Transport: The resort is off to the highway between Inegol and Tavsanli. The nearest airport is at Yenisehir, near to Bursa.

Water temperature: Oylat Hamami Spring - 40°C. Sizi Suyu Spring – 35.5°C. Goz Suyu Spring - 10°C.

pH value: Oylat Hamam Spring – 7.26. Sizi Suyu Spring – 7.18. Goz Suyu Spring – 7.04.

Physical and chemical properties: The various springs contain some, or all of the following: Sulfur, bicarbonate, calcium, ionic hydrogen and iron.

Recommended Applications: Drinking and bathing

Helps to heal: Drinking - diuretic and good for obesity. Bathing - relaxing sedative.

Accommodation: Buyuk Hotel - 220 beds. Motel - 210 beds.


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