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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK
The 44th MODEF EXPO Opened

44th International Inegöl Furniture Fair, the gate of Inegöl to the world, was opened with a ceremony.

The 44. International Inegöl Furniture Fair opened its doors with the participation of Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, AK Party Bursa Deputies Muhammad Mufit Aydin and Atilla Ödünç, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan City Alinur Aktaş and protocol members of Bursa and Inegöl.


Speaking at the ceremony, Yavuz Uğurdağ, president of Inegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ITSO) and chairman of MODEF Fuarcılık, said: “We are trying to continue our lives in health problems and implement our programs by following the rules. Health is our first priority, but also our economic life continues. We also held our international Inegöl Furniture Fair in accordance with the rules of Health and hygiene, and we took all our precautions. I invite all our citizens to take individual measures for COVID 19. As an organization, we have taken all measures, and if we take individual measures, we will be able to have a smooth fair. I thank all our managers, NGO representatives, invited guests, and I wish that our fair will bring benefits to our city, Bursa and our country, especially Inegöl furniture sector.”


Alper Taban, mayor of Inegöl, said: “We are opening our 44th fair. We are very happy to welcome you. Inegöl continues to produce. Today and after that, İnegöl will always keep talking about itself by revealing the most beautiful products, productions and exports. Because of the epidemic, we are holding our fair in measures. Good preparations have been made. I want to thank our furniture makers. They have contributed to the success of our city to this day with their vision, visual and value-added products they have produced. I would like to thank our furniture NGOs, managers, stakeholders and employees in the first place. After that, Inegöl will continue to work to reveal more beautiful ones. It will continue its work to be the capital of our country and the world in furniture.”


Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan City Alinur Aktaş said, "We are going through a difficult process both as a country and as world. Despite this, we witness the efforts of our furniture producers. I congratulate all our sector representatives and stakeholders for the fair they put forward. Life goes on for all of us. Although there are some measures due to the process, everyone is trying to change the places in which they live. The economic affairs, which began in June, had a positive impact on the sector. Although a stable period is passed, this fair will create a serious plus from the point of view of Inegöl. This organization, of which I was the founder and manager for a period, continues its activities. When I look at the fairground, I think of the old one. This is the horizon and vision of our former Mayor Hikmet Şahin. Because our fairground is not enough, portable space is also being created. Despite these difficulties, Turkey is standing firm and there is no environment in which Turkey's name is not mentioned. In this reckoning made in the region, Turkey is certainly not an appetizer or an name menu of the other nations, but a country that is playmaker. We will continue on our way with this belief and excitement, and we will see much better things come out. The problems that exist are also in Italy, Germany, France, America and Japan. It is important to maintain this unity and togetherness. I thank everyone who has contributed to this work. I hope we'll do much better together. I wish all our participants abundant and fertile earnings."


Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat said, “Our district, which is a model for other cities by giving foreign trade surplus every year, is also an exemplary city at this point with a foreign trade volume of 1.5 billion dollars. Despite all the negativities, the course of furniture in İnegöl is going well. MODEF Fairs, organized with the efforts of İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry and İnegöl Municipality, provide the necessary contribution to our country with its blessing. It is instrumental in considerable collaborations with thousands of local and foreign visitors. I wish that our fair, where both the field and the seller are satisfied, will bring good profits to all representatives of the sector. We see that our country is passing a good exam during the pandemic process, and there is no problem at the participation point to the fair this year. I wish success to all of our companies, which have taken important role in this success and opened stands for our fair this year. I ask all our citizens and foreign visitors to pay attention to the rules of masks, distance and cleanliness”.

After the speeches, the fair was opened and viewed after the opening ceremony.

Date: 12-10-2020

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