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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

İnegöl Furniture

The furniture business in İnegöl dates back to the beginning of 1900s. As İnegöl was surrounded by forests in those years, it has started with processing the timber at lumber ateliers, turning them into wooden beams and then transporting them to places in need of them in the country. The lumber business, egg box and carriage production, as well as the chair and armchair manufacturing which were common at the beginning of our Republic are now replaced machines with the cutting-edge technology.

Dealing with the timber business has become our main source in the course of time. As İnegöl is geographically located on the Ankara-Bursa highway, the furniture industry attracts the attention of people who everyday come to our industrial zone as visitors or customers.

The contribution made by the furniture business in İnegöl to today''s economy is considerably high. The number of furniture-selling business places which were quite low in the years when they were established has increased now to reach nearly 4,500 on an area of approximately 4,000 square meters with various types and models of furniture which are manufactured there. These furniture types which are used gladly are as follows: modern and classical sitting groups, bedroom and dining room sets, sitting sets, couch beds and sofas, furniture for kids'' and young people''s rooms and kitchen and furniture accessories.


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