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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK


According to certain records belonging to the year 1888 or 1887, the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, chaired by Hatip Hoca Mustafa Efendi, was established by a four-person delegation consisting of him, Dağıstani Hacı Mehmet Efendi, Bosnalı Hacı Yunus Ağa and Benzarskikors.

The İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry was among 15 chambers which have received an invitation card for the "Chicago Commerce and Industry Fair" in 1888 to be held in the American city of Chicago in 1890.

It was found that there were 60 catapult and 5 silk factories in the İnegöl city center and the villages attached in 1889.

There were 13 caravanserais, 89 coffee houses, 574 shops, 16 bakeries, 15 tanning yards, 16 oil mills, 16 tilery, 13 cocooneries, 8 silk factories, 74 mills, 11 stores and 1 hotel in İnegöl at the end of the 19th century.

The population living in the İnegöl town center and in its two districts and 80 villages was approximately 50,000 in that era.

The Chamber of Commerce and Trade which has been called the Chamber of Commerce, Artisanship and Agriculture in 1905 was given the name of İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Trade in 1940s. Afterwards, all documents have burned in the fire which broke out in 1956 and thus its establishment date was adopted as October 29, 1923 with an act of Council dated 1957.

The Organized Industrial Zone started to be constructed in 1978 on the airfield which is called the Meritocracy Field and located in the triangle of Yenişehir, Eskişehir and Balıkesir Airbases is now one of the greatest Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey, where 90 factories operate.


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