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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Having followed the process that has started with the advent of Internet in Turkey in 1993, and having set its own website in 1995, TOBB is the leading public enterprise among other bodies that build their websites in Turkey. TOBB has started to announce demands and offers of cooperation from all around the world since July 1995, when even the most of the European countries have met the Internet. Since 1997, Internet, and accordingly e-trade, became popular parallel to the internet usage in the world. Associations which have added the opportunities that the Internet offered to the conventional marketing procedures get the chance to establish their global e-trade connections. In the development process of the e-trade, trade models like B2B, B2C, B2E, B2G,C2C are emerged. TOBB2B, in short for B2B “Business to Business”, is a provision market system that is established by inspiring the trade form of intercompany marketing and selling practices. Main purpose of the system is to free ESM’s from their disadvantages of traditional trade obstacle like distance to the market, lack of information, and productions’ turning out to be unsatisfactory for the customer.

Link: https://www.tobb2b.org.tr/

Date: 12-10-2020

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