İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), which was founded in 1890, serves for expediting professional activities and supplying with the common needs of its members. Among its legal duties, ICCI has the mission of generating solutions to increase the competitiveness of its members both in national and international scope, and serving reasonably, cheerfully, instantly and progress-oriented with the awareness of its social responsibilities.

ICCI has over 4.000 members, most of which are industrial producers highly contributing to the employment in the city. Being one of the most prominent center of manufacture in the region, İnegöl is holding over 225.000 of people and has been getting excessive migration for the last five decades. Besides its dynamic structure, İnegöl is very well known for its fashionable and modern furniture, its delicious meatball and the highest quality sunflower seeds.

The dynamism of business life and the strength of the manufacturing sectors inevitably results in high amount of foreign trade. The leading exporting sectors – textile, furniture, forest products, food, automotive supplier industry, chemistry and machinery & metal – have continued its tradition of making  over 1 billion dollars of foreign trade in total in the recent years. Considering the last few years, it is obvious that export amount constitutes over 75% of total foreign trade volume. Fulfilling over 500 million dollars of foreign trade surplus, İnegöl continues to be a model economy.

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